On Tuesday afternoons at one
We get to have a lot of fun.
Ms. Goering takes us by the hand
And leads us off to Numberland.

But once we got a task so tough,
Our brains weren’t powerful enough.
We thought and thought and thought some more.
We thought so much our brains got sore.

John thought so hard he turned bright pink.
Nicole’s poor brain went on the blink
And steam came out of Molly’s ears,
While Tory battled back the tears.

Then everybody turned to Zeke
And shrieked, “Eek, Zeke! We’re getting weak!
Your thinking power’s quite unique.
Quick, what’s the answer? Tell us! Speak!”
But even Zeke was overloaded—
All at once, his head exploded!
Kids were screaming, kids were squealing,
Brains were spattered on the ceiling.

We tried our best to get them back
And put them in a paper sack.
We stuffed them back inside his head
And looked to see if he was dead.

But soon he opened up his eyes
And looked around in great surprise
And said, “How could I fail to see
The answer’s sixty-eight point three!”

Three cheers for Zeke who saved the day!
We gave high fives and cried “Hooray!”
And told our teacher, Mrs. Witt:
“Challenge math kids never quit!”

Challenge Math Kids Never Quit