Marcel, a young tundra swan, is tired from the first half of a winter migration. One thousand miles is a long way to fly—too long for Marcel, so he hides in the rushes to stay behind while his parents and the flock continue south. But with the lake nearly frozen over, he soon realizes that he is not cut out for life on ice. Other animals offer advice about how to survive the winter, but their ways of living aren’t right for the swan. Hungry and scared, he falls asleep – only to be awakened by a big surprise!


   Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing

   Illustrator: Laura Jacques

   Pub. Date: July 2008

   ISBN-13: 9781934359129

   Age Range: 5 to 9




Sylvan Dell is a small company dedicated to promoting "Science and Math through Literature." I was attracted to this company because they understand that if the story is engaging and the book is fun to read, the educational goals will take care of themselves. All their books are vetted by scientists for accuracy and contain back matter that is fun and educational. Their books are also available as e-books in both English and Spanish. Learn more at www.sylvandellpublishing.com, including how Whistling Wings aligns with Minnesota science standards.


Marcel is a tundra swan, also called a “whistling swan.” To learn more about these beautiful creatures and the real-life lake in Wisconsin where the book is set, click here.